Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy 30th Anniversary

Meet Glenn & Judy, my precious parents. If you know me, you have more than likely spent time around them at some point. I am not sure you will find more simple people. They love Christ, things of Him, and live to know more of Him daily...taking what they know to be true of Him and sharing that with those who are put in their path. Outside of those things, the details of this life are exactly that to them...details. They have this crazy gift of making anyone they meet feel so at home, so comfortable, they will see the gifts He has put inside of you and tell you about them. While they are the first people to build you up and encourage you they will also be the first people to have the hard conversations, confronting sin and challenging mediocrity and a love for things of the world. I could not be any more proud that they are my parents. I love that they do life differently than the crowd. They don't feel a need to compete for the approval of people. The wisdom, truth, encouragement, and love that have been given to me from them is invaluable and there are no words that I could write that could speak of the 24 years that they have loved me so unconditionally. I have learned so much from watching them work out their faith both in their individual lives and in their marriage. Their marriage is so full of life, love, obedience, passion, service, submission, redemption, forgiveness, humility, joy, and selflessness. Could God have put two more opposite people together? I do not think so...yet they are such a great team. For 30 years they have walked together...brought together, while they were not yet His. They have been such wonderful instruments He has used to display His grace and mercy to this broken world. Happy Anniversary, I love you dearly.

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