Monday, June 23, 2008

All Apologies

What if I titled every post with a song title? That would be fun to see how long I could go. I apologize in advance for the randomness of this post. I decided this morning that I am going to start incorporating "cheers" into my everyday language. Paul has decided to incorporate "winge" into his...he picked it up from one of his Aussie buddies down here, or "mates" if you will...por ejemplo, "Kate, quit your winging." Who knew that eating eggs for breakfast was so odd? I had quite an audience this morning as I was cooking us some eggs. We have a couple from Spain in our little hostel room with us. They are funny, her accent is crazy weird. Paul and I have acquired enough inside jokes this past week to last a if we needed more. I love watching people watch us, I know they think we are "together", and then I ask him to pass me a roll and he drops it from 3 feet above my plate and it lands in my food and splatters and we die laughing. I think then it becomes obvious that he is my brother. And people are like hmm, that is interesting that they treat each other like that. We are heading out tonight for another overnight bus ride over to the coast. I was stoked about going because I was told that I would see penguins, everyone else that we have talked to about it said that it is whale season which is supposed to be amazing...whatever, I want to see a real, live penguin. Then last night at the hostel the English dude we were talking to said that the whales beach themselves and FEED on the penguins!?! WHAT!!! It can't be true.

I should have packed my jump rope. Mom came back from Costa Rica with a new found passion for jump rope, and was told it was the "best workout" and obviously easy to take places. Needless to say, I chose not to pack it, and will pay for it. The goal is to NOT need 2 plane tickets to fit my rear in on the way home at the end of the summer. Its all like amazing Italian food here? Pizza, calzones, empanadas etc.

Matt Chandler and I have been spending a lot of time together via podcast...journeying through Hebrews. GOOD STUFF. Will write more about that later. Has been so great to have unlimited time to read, study, write, think, pray. I am interested to see how these past few months and all that He has revealed to me will transfer into lesson form for India...

"Faith honors God...God honors faith."

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Tabitha said...

Kate!! you cook??

Bring Andres a little penguin...just put it in your pocket. =)