Monday, June 16, 2008

Buen Dia Che

Made it. Love it. The word on the street is that Argentine people are arrogant...can't blame them. There seems to be a lot to be proud of. Its so different than what I have previously known of Latin America which is fun, if Paul and I don't talk we blend in. It is chilly...but beautiful days thus far. Its no secret that I am not a fan of the cold, but I am always up for an excuse to rock a beanie or a scarf, or better yet both! Paul found the neatest hostel that I have been staying at. It is a couple blocks from his house. It is a super old house that they redid, awesome huge wood doors and windows. There is an open air rooftop place to hang out and it has a pretty sweet view. There is a sushi bar and a club below it, that comes alive at night...which is just perfect since I am such a nightowl ;) Went to the soccer game Sunday night, Argentina vs. Ecuador. The stadium was huge and full of baby blue/white flags, balloons, shirts etc. They love their country, and LOVE their soccer. Fun times. Its just such a blessing to get to spend time with Paul, life has been so intense lately, its nice to download with him

Headed down south Wednesday to ski for a few days. Should be quite entertaining...for us AND the people that are lucky enough to be around us while we are trying.

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Tabitha said...

miss you lots darling!!

I am glad you are LOVING it...enjoy every minute.

Did you see Andres family at the soccer game?!?!? lol