Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Benediction For Chandigarh

May you accept the invitation to not only meet,
but to know intimately the One who created you
The only true God, Jesus Christ
The one who died for you
Oh but He is no longer in the grave!
He is alive
And will come again

May your acknowledgment of the cross, move to an understanding of your redemption
That you would recognize the value of your soul
for you were bought with a great price

May the Truth, Jesus Christ Himself, set you free
So you may forever speak of hope found in Him alone
And testify, that indeed, His grace is sufficient

May you walk as children of the light
Reflecting Jesus, the Light of the World
In such a manner
That even in the darkest of the dark
None could deny
Jesus is the Christ, from who anything that is
good or true comes

As you are loved, so love
Go in Peace


Josh said...

Kate, it is beautiful! I know your speaking went incredibly well. I can't wait to hear everything. You are still in our prayers! (By the way, this is Sally! It is just signed in on Josh's account for some reason!)

William and Megan said...


It's beautiful... I read it over and over! I love reading about your adventures... and I'll admit, I'm jealous :)