Saturday, July 5, 2008

Back to the good ole days in Guadalajara, climbing up on rooftops with my Mac to catch an internet signal. Where to start…I am SO grateful that I am living with an Indian family while I am here, my time here would just not be the same if I was in a hotel. Not to mention the family I am living with is absolutely INCREDIBLE. Pastor Nazir, his wife Sorojani and their gorgeous daughter Sanoli, have made be feel SO welcome. Sonali is awesome…she resembles what the attribute “meek” looks like in my mind, the word that I always kind of cringe at when I come to it in the Bible because it is so NOT who I am. She gave me her room, and I am so glad she is here while I am. She wants to take me for a ride on her motorcycle…I can’t think of a better place to get over my fear! Driving here is like one huge game of chicken, and everyone, and everything is invited to participate, carts, bicycles, scooters, cows, goats, you name it, its on the road. The trip was good…went smoothly, I think that my night in Dubai helped me adjust time wise. I did ok my first day but then hit a wall in the afternoon in Delhi before we got a train here to Chandigarh, I curled up on top of my bag on the floor of the train station as we waited and passed out immediately, thats probably the most I have blended in since I have been here, sleeping on the ground seemed to be the thing to do at the train station. Pastor has a small group in from Hong Kong for the weekend serving, they greeted me at the airport, and have been really fun. One of the only things I love as much as missions is spending time with people who have the same passion. The college kids make me feel old because I realize I am no longer one of “them”, but they are a blast and fun to laugh with. There is a sweet girl that is finishing up her time here and will leave Monday, she is going to become a BISON in August! How fun. It has been great reminiscing telling her all of the great things/memories I have from Shawnee and my time at OBU.

Yesterday I went with my house mom, who is also the principal at the school I will be teaching at, to order my suit that I will teach in. It is their traditional, everyday wear here. You pick the fabric and the style..I had EVERY intention of going in and coming out with a “plain” suit, a pretty green or brown color is what I had in mine, definetly a solid…well plain in English apparently translates to polka dots AND stripes in Hindi, YES, TOGETHER, and that is exactly what I walked out of there with! So...the seamstress told me I could pick it up tonight. If you are lucky I will maybe show you a picture someday…I am on a don’t ask don’t tell policy with the food…I will try whatever is put in front of me, it is just better if I don’t know what it is ☺

Yesterday after lunch I was sitting and talking with Nazir and his wife and I asked them where they met, a question that normally comes up with any couple after a while. I didn’t really understand what their response was, and they could tell I looked confused, and they repeated ARRANGED. I was like OH MY! I just kept saying, I can’t imagine, and they were DYING laughing. They thought my reaction was priceless and we went on to have a discussion on the pros/cons of arranged marriage. They couldn’t think of a couple that they knew of that went about marriage this way and are now divorced…They spoke of love as a commitment made, not a feeling. It was really interesting.

Yesterday we were working in slum #1 of the 51 in this city. We visited with about 4 different families that have converted to Christianity, we prayed with them. Then we gave testimonies and presented the gospel story to a group outside. There seems to be a mix of Hindu, Muslim and Sikhs in whatever gathering you are around, it is never just one type.

Today we spent the morning at a sewing center in a different state, one that is on the way to Pakistan. It is funded by Pastor Nazir and a Christian lady runs it. There were about 15 to 20 Hindu girls my age and they are there to learn how to be a seamstress in order to support their families. This lady then ministers to them and tells them about Jesus. It was a really neat time. We also got to spend some time with their children who were in the next room, they were adorable of course.

Forgive the scattered nature of this entry and those to come, it is hard to put everything into words when I have not yet completely processed things for myself. Thank you for your prayers. I just keep waking up and going to sleep at night thanking Him, I am so grateful to not only be here but to have the privledge to speak of Jesus Christ, what He has done in my life and what He longs to do in the lives of those yet to know Him.

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Tabitha said...

Kate! I am so happy that you are having such a wonderful time. We miss you always. Andres is FINALLY here...he arrived 7/5/08...I can't wait for you to meet him!! You have to prepare yourself...he is heavy...must have been all the big macs. =)