Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Narcissistic Return To Blogging

1. I started playing the violin when I was 4 years old and quit when I was 12 in order to have more time to play sports
2. I had bacterial meningitis when I was 16 months old, they life flighted me on a leer jet from Wyoming to Denver's Children's Hospital. The doctors said if I survived I would be deaf or have severe brain damage
3. I have 2 tattoos: 1 on the arch of my foot (Isaiah 6:8 "Here am I, send me") and one on the inside of my wrist that says Faithful (a reminder of who He is, and what I am called to be in the big & small)
4. This time, next year, I will be living in Sydney, Australia
5. I will be getting my masters degree at the University of New South Wales in the social development of refugees and forced migration
6. The program is a 1 year program yet I don't feel like I will be living in the western hemisphere again anytime soon
7. Groups of people overwhelm me if there will be more than 3 or 4 people I am likely to find a reason not to go
8. I have learned more Spanish in Houston the past 2 years than I did the year that I lived in Mexico
9. I lived in 7 states before I was 21
10. If I had my way, I would wear flip flops everyday of the year
11. I have 7 holes pierced in my ears and wear earrings maybe once a month in 2 of them
12. I live in an apartment with a 42 year old from Honduras, her 14 year old daughter, and a 11, 5 & 3 year old from Guatemala who lost their Mom to cancer a little over a year ago, they are family to me
13. The people I live with have blessed me far beyond anything I have done for them
14. I am named after my Mom's Mom. She is Marie Kathryn, I am Kathryn Marie
15. I worry more about not being able to afford an international adoption more than I worry about not being able to have children naturally someday
16. We discovered that my thyroid does not work when I was 10
17. I don't wear black
18. I ALWAYS have perfume on, I put it on after I take a shower, even if I am going to sleep
19. I have worn the same perfume for about 8 years, Ralph Lauren Blue, it was discontinued last year but we found out right away and between my parents and I we stocked up on enough to last me a few more years
20. I aspire to be as low maintenance as my Mom
21. Sometime over the past couple of years I became obsessed with scarves. I hang them on a rack in my room and I almost have enough to wear a different one everyday for a month.
22. Teaching is the hardest, yet most rewarding thing I have ever done
23. I was born in Thermopolis, Wyoming
22. I started reading chapter books at the age of 4
23. I can golf
24. I prefer spending time with people 1 on 1 over any other setting
25. I have had 3 different parasites, from 3 different countries


Mamalibearian said...

Well, this is very interesting! I learned a lot about you!

ashley marble said...

hey girl! i think i talk to you more through your blog than anywhere else! hope you are well! been thinking about you lately!