Saturday, November 1, 2008

Time Well Spent

This is what my evenings look like. People are always quick to ask, how is the living situation going? These little guys bring an incredible amount of joy to my life. They are so fun, and FUNNY! I am so grateful God has allowed me to be with them the past year and a half. They truly are an extension of our family. I do miss blogging, but my nights are full of homework, projects, baths, cooking, and novelas (mexican soaps). Oops, didn't mean to type that. But yes, there is one that I try to catch nightly. We don't have internet and I can't blog from my phone so theres my excuse to why I haven't been able to write for over a month. We did have soccer games 2 times a week as well, until Edgardo had a run in with a nasty old water faucet and sliced his leg open BAD. Poor thing, soccer is his life, well that, and fighting off all of the little admirers that call the apartment for him, hopefully we can get back out there in time for playoffs...

I have found myself filling out applications and writing essays (please pray for continued direction and provision), many of which want to know who am I? What have I been doing? Where am I going? Where do I see myself in the future? Its been a love/hate relationship. I hate that I don't feel like I am a strong enough writer to portray my passion through words, I would prefer interviews. On the other hand, I love being forced to sit and think about the series of events that have brought me HERE of all places. It is amazing to look back and testify to Christ's provision, protection, provision and plan for my life. It is SO exciting to allow myself to dream BIG knowing that His plans are bigger than anything I could dream up for myself.

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Lori, Landon and Logan said...

Hey Kate!
Sounds like things are amazing for you! This post is so well written I would think you are a writer.