Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hillsong Conference 2008

I am so grateful for this weekend. What an incredible opportunity to literally, spend hours in corporate worship before our Savior. In the very beginning there was a statement made that said, "The same things that separate us from Him, separate us from other people"...sin. Wow. Intimacy is so vital, on so many different levels. I am finally at a point where I can recognize this...the word still freaks me out a bit, I have issues...yes I know. One cannot love people without loving Christ first. My first and foremost calling during my time on this planet is to love Jesus Christ with every part of me. Sometimes I get way to involved with figuring out my calling beyond that, where am I called to go, which ministry am I supposed to be involved in when I get there, etc. If I do not love Christ, with every part of me, I will not be able to love people as He has called me to. I desire to be a light. Not a light for international missions, or social justice, or service projects, or humanitarian aid, but a light for the one who died for me, who redeemed me and give me the very breath to exist. THAT is my calling.

"You have shaped my heart for Your pleasure"...and that makes anything so very worth it. You tell me that no thing, or circumstance will come my way that has not come THROUGH You first. And while it may not make a lick of sense, there is purpose, and You will be glorified in my inability and weakness. This statement is not one of completion, but of an ongoing process...

Ready or not here they come tomorrow, 20 new little ones...I talk a big game about being so strict this year and laying down the law, and then I melt into this pansy of a teacher when I get around the kids and all I want to do is plan parties and trips and spoil we will see how that goes.

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