Sunday, August 17, 2008

He is Hope

I had every intention to write an entry about this summer, what I saw, what I learned, what I felt, who I met, the stories I heard, and how all of that translates back to life while I am in the States. I didn't know how. So I was going to put up pictures...but that doesn't do justice. You should go, everyone should go, but that is a different post for a different day.

"Hope that promises will be kept, that a refuge will hold, that the sun will return, that seasons will change despite the weighty darkness, and all evidence to the contrary. Hope at the center of despair. The footprints left, when we look back at the most tempestuous seasons of life are purposeful, organized, significance in the chaos...evidence that we were remembered in our darkness and most vulnerable days."

Hope in light of the Truth. America is crazy, the push, and pull and drive and speed and pace of life is unbelievably demanding (and I'm not sure it is the way that God intended it to be). If I do not fall on my face daily before Him, and beg for the grace and mercy to not only survive but truly live & abide in Him, I will fail miserably. Oh how I must cling to Him, and His truth. When I start measuring myself by the worlds standards, the enemy is given way to much room to work planting seeds of doubt and discontent.

Lessons learned...I can question Him, and while He may not ever answer the specific question, He will give me peace in my soul knowing that He is God, and is sovereign in ALL things. He loves me enough to tell me no. His mercies truly ARE new every morning and are more than sufficient for what each day brings. He can and will heal in His time, in His way...for this I am grateful.


michelle said...

Hello Kate!

I know we were never close friends at school, but I wandered somehow to your blog and this post immediately caught my eye. I've been home for about 9 months now and have yet to process/write about my experiences. Even now it's still overwhelming. Anyway, I look forward to reading more. Hope you are doing well! Blessings.

the parkers said...

Hey've been on my mind this week. I'm glad you're back! I'd love to hang out and hear what's going on in your world now.

Love ya and miss you....